Our Philosophy

      We collaborate with you to develop and implement a comprehensive financial strategy, assisting you to Protect and Grow your wealth.
      For close on three decades, PMK Group has provided bespoke investment, wealth, and risk management solutions to individuals and organisations underpinned by a simple purpose; to make more possible. Our experience and expertise enable us to bring structure and control to affairs that may have become fragmented from a lack of time or expertise. We provide a single point of integration. We understand that wealth preservation and growth are achieved only by adopting a long-term and consistent strategy that is focused on a set of realistic objectives - reviewed regularly - to ensure suitable outcomes. We work with you to achieve these goals.

      We are guided by our client's individual needs to assist and direct us in carrying out the planning function. Our client is guided and coached with regard to the financial planning process to enable him or her to make an informed decision that allows for a suitable and sustainable individualised financial plan. We provide a service that is much broader than the percentage of the assets we manage.

      Bespoke Strategy

      Design and implement a relevant strategy based on local and global insights
      We understand that each person has a unique requirement. As such we design, implement and monitor our client’s unique portfolios constructed to meet their specific requirements. We consistently invest in insights to ensure that our investment strategy is suitable to your unique circumstances. Our single point of integration philosophy, guided by globally astute expertise, ensures that we strike the right balance between the right portfolio, risk, and returns giving you the most bespoke solutions for your unique set of needs.

      Asset Management

      The Bespoke nature of your individual portfolio
      Access to the portfolio management services of an investment manager would typically be too costly for individual clients but is made possible through investment via our in-house managed unit trusts.
      This provides a simple, cost-effective means of appointing an expert investment manager to manage your portfolio. This is done in line with your investment objectives as identified by PMK Wealth & Advisory. With an outcome-based approach, the client’s specific needs are married to a risk outlook and return objective driving a carefully selected range of investment options. 
      ● Diversified multi-asset, multi-strategy portfolios with an outcomes-based approach● Cost-effective combination of established and boutique managers


      Focus on long-term value
      At PMK, your investment portfolio is managed by a team of qualified and highly experienced Portfolio Managers. The investment manager(s) applies their wealth of experience, quantitative and qualitative research skills to continuously monitor the risk and performance of the model portfolio investment and to ensure that the optimal asset allocation and fund selection is implemented to achieve your identified investment objectives.