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      Wealth & Advisory

      The financial planning process includes estimating the capital required to fund various objectives as you journey through life as well as the practical time horizons…. It’s the ongoing process of framing financial priorities and guiding our clients through the investment and administration of this process. Our practice uses the financial planning process to obtain a deep and comprehensive evaluation of our valued client's current and future financial state. The more we know the more we can do for you. Years of working with highly successful individuals have proven that most are so busy with their business and other commitments that they neglect their own financial needs. We collaborate with clients to develop and implement a comprehensive financial strategy, assisting to protect - and grow - wealth. We bring structure and control to affairs that may have become fragmented from a lack of time or expertise. We understand that wealth preservation and growth are achieved only by adopting a long-term consistent strategy that is focused on a set of realistic objectives - reviewed regularly - to ensure appropriate outcomes. We work with you to achieve these goals.

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        Investment Planning

        "The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator." - Ben Graham
        You have to be a "The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator." - Ben Grahamstep ahead of the competition to survive in the ever-changing business world. You may face new challenges each day. Our company can offer you a wide range of business consulting services which can help your business run more efficiently, avoid risks, reduce costs, and gain more profits. Our professionals will easily help you achieve your objectives.As investors, we can’t predict the future however, throughout your investment journey, we will help you focus your decisions on real facts and analysis rather than speculative forecasts and noise. 

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        Risk Planning

        Risk planning is the process of identifying, prioritising, and managing risk. These are most often unforeseen events such as the death, disability, or severe illness of a breadwinner or business owner. The importance of risk planning cannot be underestimated. Our financial planning process entails a detailed analysis of the need for protection against various risks. This is done in 4 key steps:1. Identify the risk2. Analyse the risk3. Evaluate the rank of the risk4. Manage the riskThe above process is analysed with consideration to various available appropriate benefits. These are then implemented responsibly as a bespoke solution both in terms of benefits as well as pricing rather than a generic solution.  

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        Estate Planning

        Estate planning is the purpose of anticipating and arranging during a person’s life for the management and disposal of an estate. It will allow for the individual to decide who specifically benefits from their estate. Critically the estate plan will also ensure that the estate will not be destroyed by taxes imposed on the transfer and subsequent taxation of any assets on death.

        Our process includes planning and preparing for a comprehensive and cost-effective transfer of your assets to loved ones during and after your life.

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        Fiduciary Services

        We provide a comprehensive range of trust and fiduciary services tailored to the circumstances of each trust account. A dedicated team of experienced investment and administrative professionals with fiduciary experience are responsible for the management and day-to-day administration.

        Some of the services we provide include:

        • Trust administration
        • Legal agreements relating to your wealth
        • Wills and estate planning
        • Administration of the deceased’s estate


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